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violet walrond


Now What:my next step is to explain about what she did as well as who she is and about he life

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  My Trip To Quail Island

BUMP,SMASH,CRASH went the car wheels as we drove through lots of massive pot holes.We were on our way to Lyttelton.It was the day I was going to Quail Island, “Yay”.
Once I made it to Lyttelton  my Aunty (Donna) and I caught the boat across the sea to Quail Island.

The fresh air smelt beautiful and the seagulls were so so noisy. As we got off the boat we both got handed a map of the Island.Then we started our walk.
First we had to trot up a very steep hill. Around one corner and we had made it to our first destination, the wild dog kennels.The kennels were built only for wild dogs of the people who lived on the Island many years ago.The kennels were empty and the doors were unlocked so I went inside. All the kennels were made out of iron and were all rusty. They had a built in dog food bowl and water bowl.

We then walked on further.  I saw the grave of the first man who lived on this Island.He had died from a disease which was very common in ancient times. Next stop was the old ship buriaI ground.There we stopped for lunch.For  lunch I ate a banana,jelly cups,fruit pack and a sandwich.Every now and then I could hear the waves crashing against the sharp and pointy rocks.”What’s that ship called ? I asked.
After Donna and I had finished our lunch we started to keep on walking.”Wow”,I shouted in amazement as I glanced over at  the wonderful view, I could see Lyttelton! The next thing I could see were lots and lots of bushes.As I stomped
through the bushes they were brushing across my legs.They were tickling my legs and I had a lot of rashes from them rubbing against me. About an hour later we were back at the place that we started at.I noticed  a small hut up on the hillside. We walked up to the hut and looked over the balcony.I could see the ship coming to get us so we hurried down the hill to meet the ship.We jumped on the boat and headed back to Lyttelton harbour.We went back on our bumpy journey through Lyttelton and back home.I had had so much fun I wished I could go again.

By Tenequa