Friday, December 6, 2013

     Auckland's better than                Invercargill
As Celo Green once said, bright lights bigger city, but what more could a greater city want. Is it resources, is it facilities or is it its tourism industry? Well at least one of these cities has a University but don't underestimate the other city because it has plenty of good attractions too. But the question remains, Why is Auckland better than Invercargill? 

Education is a key to a good future, so a university is critical to have. In saying that Auckland has one of the best universities in New Zealand along with Otago. Some of the courses to study are Fine arts, Law, Architecture, Medical and business. Invercargill on the other hand has no University and struggles to produce quality education.

When you're finished your studies and ready for job hunting, Auckland is the place to be. It offers New Zealand's widest range of career opportunities and highest paying positions in the corporate world.

Entertainment is a big attraction and Auckland showcases a wide range of choices. From Rainbows end, The zoo, Kelly Tarltons and I-Max theatre to unlimited Cafes, bars and Restaurants and live entertainment, And this is only the tip of it. What more could you ask for!!!

Auckland made the list of the top 10 cities in the world because of its offer of cuisine, culture and coastal scenery. Along side Paris, Capetown, Shanghai, Chicago, and Adelaide. Auckland is built against an stunning waterfront. Food, Art and exploring the scenery are all reasons to want to be in Auckland, which is one of the most mixed cultural cities of the world. 

I  cant help but notice the amazing features Auckland offers. Its astonishing how the city has grown through modern technology but this cultural shift hasn't occurred in little old Invercargill. From cuisine and upper class restaurants, Invercargill doesn't fit the bill with drive through McDonlands and the local pub from coastal scenery and beautiful waterfronts Invercargill can't compete with its local streams and backyard puddles. I guess what im trying to say is Aucklands establishments are far more greater, complex and more modern than the town of Invercargill. Not many cities can give Auckland  a run for its money and this is why it is classed as one of the Super cities of the world.

Auckland by far is a greater city than Invercargill city then Invercargill it offers everything and more, which is why its deemed as one of the super cities of the world. But as a wise man once said "A city isn't defined by the people who live in it but by the people who created it " and this is why i think that Auckland is a better city than Invercargill. 

By  Tenequa:)