Friday, August 23, 2013

waste poem

Feed up is live ocean mammals caught in twisted nets of dirty plastic.
Annoyed is innocent seagulls pecking at contaminated dirty rubber gloves.
Furious is dumping disgusting used plastic into what used to be the clean ocean.
Outraged is walking on cold sharp plastic rather than warm soft sand.
Do you really care?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Passion project !!!

A passion project is something you research about a thing you are interested in e.g a job , an animal or a sport. I am doing my passion project with Katie , about Little Mix because we both have Interest in them. First we had to come up with a question and ours was " how did Little Mix become famous?" . We also had other questions like " how old we're they when they had the interest in singing? Why did they join X factor? Next we had to research about our questions and write the in the SOLO map.We will know we have finished once we have enough information to answer the main question . The way we are going to present our learning is on a big poster. A passion project can take up to a month maybe even longer .