Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I think I am Extended Abstract because I can teach others this strategy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

reliever teacher recount

Reliever Teacher

"As I climbed into my spaceship Ring, Ring, oh my gosh it's an alarm Im falling... Bang."I hit the ground "Ouch"I scream as i wake up. My head fizzing with pain . I looked around "few its just a dream " I must of hit my head on my bedside table " "but what was that ringing sound ". Ring , There it is again Oh its just my phone I answer the call with a faint "Hello". Next thing I know I was asked to go to Oaklands School to relieve for Mr Ladbrook In room 9 until lunch. I quickly run to my bathroom, grab my toothbrush ,brush my teeth then grab my hair brush ," by now its 7:30" . I rush to the kitchen  at the same time tying my hair up and, Grab my bag and head to my car.

"I arrive at Oaklands. I walk nervously to my classroom , not sure what to expect.""What will the class look like?""How will the children act?"All these questions circling around in my head as I walk towards room 9 , my new class ". I reach for the door nervously, I pull it open to the sight of children dropping what was in their hands and zooming up to me , like a V8 car race !.1 by 1 question by question ."Hi my names Kate ,Whats yours "? "Who are you?""Why are you here?"" Are you our new teacher?""All these questions.fill my brain up with anger.Its like being in a dog shelter."

I slowly make my way through the concert ,like crowd.l sit down feeling anxious.Unpack what I need at the same time get prepared for the day. Riiinnng, "Is it a fire,earthquake.""My body all tense and my muscles tightening,Oh wait everyone's sitting down on the mat whispering to one another .""Did I smell? Or ... Now this is when I realize that it is just the morning bell ,I walk awkwardly to my red,shiny chair.""Everybody stared at me like i just killed someone." I look around for the role (Where is it?) ( What does it look like?) I feel to scared to ask. But luckily a brunette haired girl must of known what I was thinking. She was like a secret student. She ran back to the desk ,grabbed a white piece of paper and handed it to me. A bit of relief rushed through my blood Ike a rocket flying back to earth. I nervously read the role aloud, scared I might pronounce a name incorrect. "Kiora Hannah , Good morning Jason...Hello Lily, Hallo James"

" I have learnt what the responsibilitys and punishments are by now ,with some help from the secret student." I sent them off to do there work. "What if someone's naughty" I'm still to afraid to tell them off  (Harden up your the teacher,you need to act like one) I suddenly hear a student talking to their neighbour ." I wonder what they're saying? "Are they talking about me Or are they talking about their learning?""I feel sick, maybe I worry to much about something that may not of happened ?" I step outside for a second." I feel a little bit better " I looked back at the class ,another gush of relief ! "The class is behaving well, but not for long.I take one step into the class and pear around the corner.To the sight of girls passing pink paper .""I finally have the guts to say something""I shakily walk over to them ..." Riiinnng 

Morning tea -
" As soon as the bell rung all the children scooted out one door to grab their food ,back through the class and out the other door." I locked the door and headed to th staff room where the rest of the teachers were.I could smell the delicious bacon and egg scones cooking. I looked around for a seat ,But I couldn't find one so I decided to stand in a corner .Untill a teacher introduced him self to me and offered me his seat. I introduced my self to him, said thanks and took a seats. All the teacher and I chatted for about 10-15 minutes while waiting for the bell to ring. Riiinnng, -End Of Morning Tea

When I got back to Room 9. I saw students sitting down drawing, But next on the daily scrum was class book . "I asked a pupil unsure about why some were drawing, She said you are aloud to draw but ONLY if you can listen and understand what the books about at the same time while drawing" I grabbed the book and started to read (the book is called THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK) "I came across an interesting part.""I decided to ask a question." What is the name of the of the place the Franks stayed at? Only I person put their hand up. But I didn't want to ask her because she always offers and answers things. So I looked around the room again and still no more hands appeared but what did was 2 students drawing on each others legs.

"I told them off for drawing on their legs but they didn't listen to me."I separated them and had a chat to both and eventually they listened " "I finished the chapter and sent them to do some silent writing" I sat back on my desk ."Immediately those two students were drawing on each other again and talking" I walked over to them feeling letdown because I just talked to them. "When I reached where they were sitting I could faintly hear what they were saying""I heard my name mentioned " They were back chatting about me."Felling more upset then I already was." Suddenly the lunch bell rung."All the students rush to grab their lunch and outside to play." (CREEK) I heard the door slowly open it's Mr Ladbrook. " I tell him about my day " " I can tell he's not happy by the discusted look on his face ". Now I fell really relieved that the normal teacher has arrived." " No sooner than that I was out the door racing to my car and driving home for a well earned rest after a long restful day ".