Thursday, May 3, 2012

Term 1 and 2 learning goals

So What:I have achieved critically analyse text and state my opinion with supporting evidence.When doing a task called mathematical mum.My favourite books are diary of a wimpy kid. 
Now What:I need to work on actively seek meanings-definitions of new vocabulary.

 So What:I have achieved to use a variety of language features e.g adjectives,verbs to make my writing more powerful,engage my audience and enhance the effectiveness of my writing.I done well of using this in my camp recount.
Now What:I need to work on editing and to rework my writing to a higher standard in response to feedback.

So What:To use a variety of strategies to solve different problems (additions,subtraction,multiplication,division)with whole numbers and decimals when doing a worksheet.
Now What:I need to work on recalling all basics facts instantly.

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