Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the athletics poem

        The Athletics Sports
The athletic sports were usual enough;
it had,the long jump, the shot-put, the discus, the high jump
And even the ultra speedy sprints    
I competed in. My friends,my opponents and I did what girls do-cheered for others,leaped over the high jump bar,bounded into the long jump pit,hurled the shot-put into the air, spun the discus in the direction my other hand was pointing to,whizzed past everyone to try and win 1st place and toppled to the ground at the end.
Having lots of fun and enjoying ourselves.

WALT use poetic verse to recount a memory. 

So What:to use a poem about a country town and write our own poem about the athletics sports. To use adjectives,verbs,nouns and a conclusion.

Now What:To make my verb sentences shorter and more interesting by using a banish boring words booklet.

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